Domestic Cleaners Barnes 21st March 2013

I misplaced my phone the other day while I was at a party. Unfortunately, I didn't know the host personally as a friend and I was invited as a plus one so, I could not call and ask. Besides I didn't even have a phone anyway. I did call my friend... with my landline, however and she told me that shed not seen it and she and I carpooled home so if she'd seen my phone I'd have gotten it from her.

After a week of fruitless searching I went to the place the next day and asked the host of the party if by any chance they'd seen my phone around and she told me that the domestic cleaning service that had come to clean his house after the party did find a phone but he didn't know whose it was so he told them to keep it and if the owner came looking for it he'd direct them to the cleaning service office. Which is what he did.

Luckily for me, the domestic cleaning service was near my house and I didn't have a problem getting the phone from them once I filled in my details and signed an agreement.