How will the cost of cleaning my property be decided?

Our standard practice is to arrange a visit for one of our supervisors to the premises to be cleaned. At this meeting, the supervior will agree with you and record the scope (i.e. amount) of cleaning to be done. The supervisor will also estimate how much time is required to clean to the agreed extent. The cost of your cleaning will be worked out by multiplying the cleaning rate applicable to your agreement (please see our prices for the various rates we offer), with the estimated number of hours agreed with our supervisor.

The first cleaning session will be attended by both your cleaner and a supervisor to ensure the accuracy of the supervisor's estimate (and also to ensure that any special instructions you give are followed).

What if I don't want cleaning for a specific day after we agree on a cleaning schedule?

You are allowed to reschedule or cancel a cleaning session without charge as long as you provide us with weeks notice of the change from your agreed schedule, otherwise the session will be billed at te agreed rate.

What payment methods does the Cleaning Circle accept?

We currently accept cash (to the cleaner) and cheques. Cheques may be posted to our office address or handed to your cleaner. Please see our contact information page for our address.

How are disputes about quality and conduct handled?

The Cleaning Circle takes all issues raised seriously. We log any complaints or queries and investigate such matters thoroughly. A record of any investigations will be accessible in our customer portal. However, please note that you need to register to gain access to the portal (you may self-register using the form to the right).

Are clients and cleaners allowed to by-pass the Cleaning Circle and make "private" cleaning arrangements?

We do not encourage clients to make private cleaning arrangements with our cleaners. However we recognise that there are rare occassions when clients may choose to do so. In such circumstances, clients will be required to make a payment of £99. This amount is effectively a finders fee and covers the overhead expenses incurred by the Cleaning Circle.

We do not encourage by passing the Cleaning Circle and will not be responsible for the relationship between client and cleaner if they choose to make private cleaning arrangements.

What is the process ending a cleaning contract?

Clients wishing to end their contract with the Cleaning Circle would need to give at least one weeks notice of their intenttion to terminate their cleaning contract.

Who provides consumables for cleaning?

Clients provide cleaning consumables.

Still have questions?

If you your question has not been answered by any of the above, please write to us using our contact form.