Domestic Cleaners Barnes 1st April 2013

I was at a party last week. Everything was going fine and good, I was having a good time with everything. When I was talking to a friend about work, over a glass of wine, someone bumped into me and I spilt it over my new white dress. Quickly my friend and I had to rush to the bathroom and I began to panic, the dress was expensive, I didn't want to have to start buying a new one and by the time I would be able to get it to a cleaner's, the stain would have set in!

While I was panicking, my friend just took a bottle of white wine, poured a glass then spilt it on my dress all over the stain. I was to shocked to move but she said "Don't worry, I've read this on a domestic cleaning blog. I know what I'm doing."

I just hope that whoever wrote the domestic cleaning blog that she wrote knew what they were doing.

I took off the dress and she said that I should air it out. Luckily enough, the stain came out completely, it was amazing!