Domestic Cleaners Barnes 10th June 2013

My friends and I decided to throw an after graduation party this year. We'd just finished high school and before we all went off to college or work or jobs we decided to have one last celebration. I was in charge of making sure that nothing bad happened to the ornaments in the house. I decided to put away all the breakables in the house away. Then lock the doors to the bedrooms. I called a home cleaning service and scheduled them for the next day in the morning cause I knew that there would be a mess. The domestic cleaning service had to be very close to the house as well so that it wouldn't take too long to get to the house and back.

The party went as expected. We had a blast and the damage done to the house was nothing that we and the home cleaning service in Barnes couldn't handle. In the evening after the party ended we decided to start getting some cleaning done so as to make things easier the next morning when the house cleaning service came around. The next morning, when the domestic cleaning service came they didn't even have to stay long and they were done in just two hours. Afterwards we arranged all the ornaments and unlocked the doors to the rooms. All in all it was a good party.