Domestic Cleaners Chelsea 8th July 2013

Time. I went to a concert last week in Chelsea. The orchestra was performing a piece composed by Hans Zimmer called 'Time'. The piece was from the movie inception that was released in 2010. I was specially invited to the orchestra because I knew someone on it.

My friend had graduated from university studying music performance but couldn't get a job, so I helped her by asking around if there were any vacancies. Eventually I found a vacancy in the same office that I was working in which was a commercial cleaning service in Chelsea. The commercial cleaning service had just one opening and when I found out that they were going to run an AD in the newspaper, I just told them that I had already found someone.

My friend worked in the cleaning service in Chelsea for seven months before she got her 'big break'. As a thank you she got me front row tickets to the performance which was amazing.