Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 25th January 2013

Something strange has been happening with my blackberry. My blackberry internet subscriptionhasn't expired but keeps going off. Last night it went off for about seven hours, and then came back online. I think that there might be a bug because when I was asking my other friends if that was happening to them but they all said that they service was fine.

Eventually I had to take it to the official blackberry store to see what was wrong with it. While at the blackberry store my neighbour called me on my cell phone asking me if she should let the domestic cleaning service inside my house.

Then I remembered that I had booked the cleaning service to come at that same time I was out. I told her yes and rushed back home so that I could meet up and supervise the cleaning service that was going on in my house. I guess I'll fix my blackberry another time.