Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 8th April 2018

Cleaners in fictional media such as movies are often depicted hanging in the sky and cleaning tall buildings. However, in real life, they seem unusually uncommon.

That, however, only makes them all the more entertaining when they do show up, such as late December last year, when two window cleaners in Japan dressed as a rooster an dog to mark the coming New Year. Many countries in Asia, including Japan, use the Chinese zodiac system to denote years, rotating through 12 animal signs. These two dressed to say goodbye to the Year of the Rooster, and hello to the Year of the Dog.

They cleaned to entertain guests at a high rise hotel in Tokyo, who watched from the inside as they jovially cleaned the windows.

The cleaners, named Itto and Shota, stated that this was their second year dressing up, and Itto hopes that he gets to dress as his zodiac animal one day, which is a dragon.

Despite this intriguing event, Japan actually changed its New Year celebrations to match the Western calendar in 1873, although many Asians still celebrate their new years according to Chinese tradition.

This isn't the only occasion of window cleaners dressing up. The year before, in October, kids at an American hospital were greeted by three abseiling window cleaners dressing as super heroes as an early Halloween surprise. Kids watched Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man dangle outside of the building as they waved and entertained the children.

Perhaps abseiling cleaners aren't unlike superheroes, people who perilously hang from buildings to save your windows from the malevolent, ever-present grime that terrorises them daily. Perhaps our cleaners will dress as superheroes someday!

But while our cleaners don’t currently fly or sling spider webs, we certainly do take our cleaning to superhuman levels. We may not have a bat signal, but you can contact us today to book your own superhero cleaner in Chiswick from us at, call us at 020 8144 7173, or email us at