Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 22nd April 2018

How often do you recycle? How do you recycle? Do you just put your waste in the recycling bin, or do you go one further and repurpose your items yourself?

Whatever the answer, we can bet you that those at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT CSAIL) have gone even further beyond with their recycling, turning a vacuum cleaner into a saw that cuts custom material!

The system is called autosaw, and it's a fully automated system that allows you to customise furniture with robots. It uses modified Roomba vacuum cleaners along with KUKA youBots to shape designs entered by the client on a piece of software. They also have sets of templates the customer can choose from and modify slightly to fit their needs.

In the future, those at MIT CSAIL hope to make them as productive as humans; they claim that they are on par with a carpenter in terms of accuracy but a little behind in terms of speed. They hope to improve the robots to be fully on par or beyond human skill.

They also address concerns about jobs being lost as a result of the propagation of the robots: the researchers at the laboratory stated that being a human carpenter requires a large amount of jobs not covered by these robots, and that they see these robots as being a way of expanding the number of people with access to these jobs along with the productivity and potential creativity of current carpenters.

We aren't quite robots, but we certainly have the speed and accuracy to beat your vacuum and saw! Get your own flesh and blood cleaner at