Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 30th May 2018

You may recall some time ago when we stated that one of the ways to get your toddlers cleaning was to have them dance. In Rio de Janeiro, while there are no toddlers, a lot of dancing is involved each year on Dia do Garis!

Dia do Garis means the Day of the Street Cleaners in Portuguese and is a day dedicated to celebrating the Street Cleaners of Brazil. This year, they decided to have a parade wherein the street cleaners played instruments while singing and samba dancing, with some even taking selfies with fans!

The name 'gari' was used to name street cleaners in honour of a Frenchman named Pedro Aleixo Gary, who was the founder of the first garbage collection company in Rio de Janeiro in 1976. It is believed by those who started this event that the 'garis' do not receive the respect they are due; since while their work may seem mundane, it is especially important to keep the streets clean for other citizens, especially due to the fact that littering is a result of the negligence of the citizens that they are looking after.

The grandiose nature of the events has surely been paying off as well - as the street cleaners are now amassing respect and subsequent fans through days such as these. It is a great way for street cleaners to feel the appreciation they deserve, especially due to the relatively low income that many of them receive for their momentous work. One of the street cleaners dancing in Rio this year even danced during the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics!

Perhaps the magnificent cleaners of Cleaning Circle should strut their stuff for you sometime when you order from us next!

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