Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 18th June 2018

Recently we covered dust and how dangerous it is, along with ways to easily get around it. This time, we're visiting the other end of the spectrum; what happens if you clean too much?

Yes, that's right. Clean *too much*. It actually is possible! To give you some examples of things you may be cleaning too much...

Sparying sprays designed to wipe down wood (the type made of wax) too much on your furniture can actually damage your wood. While it won't spontaneously fall apart anytime soom, it can create an oily build-up that attracts more muck and dust. For this reason, we recommend using a simple cloth, or not to use the spray more than once or twice a month.

Jeans. That's right! If you wear jeans a lot and stink a little you can now calm down, as actually, not only is it not rare to find people who don't clean jeans often, it is actually benefitial for the lifespan of your clothing. Because of the material that jeans are made of (denim), they are designed to withstand long periods of time without being washed, and cleaning them too much can cause them to lose their shape.

We know it's tempting to douse your stained carpets in cleaning solution, however this is not actually the right thing to do; as using too much can weaken and damage your beloved carped. Next time, when somebody spills some Ribena on your snow-white carpet, consider using something more natural, such as diluted apple cider, lest you destroy it by overcleaning.

While this may not apply too much to the boys reading this article (if you're there!), cleaning your hair too much is a real danger - one that has been recognised enough to instigate a movement called the "no-poo movement". Followers of this initiative claim that using shampoo too much will not only waste a lot of water, but you also risk losing the natural oils in your hair. Instead, advocates of "no-poo" state that a better idea is to wash your hair with just water, or something gentle like baking soda in order to slowly improve the texture of your hair.

These are just a few examples of many ways that you can end up cleaning a little too much. Next time, we'll cover some other problems with cleaning too much, some signs that you're cleaning too much, and also ways to get around this predicament. We can tell you one way, though - call us to clean for you instead!

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