Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 30th June 2018

"You've got to eat a peck of dirt in your time".

An old saying by older people that attempts to get across the fact that, sometimes, being dirty is best. Whether the meant this literally or in a metaphorically sense for being active, turns out they were completely right!

It turns out that the "99.9%" of household germs are needed in order to prime or fledgling immune systems while we'll young so that they learn to mature and grow stronger. In fact, exposing a child to an array of household germs helps them keep free of the dangers of developing allergies, upon which asthma is included.

Raising your kids in an environment that is too clean will likely lead to a weaker immune system that makes the error of attacking whenever it meets an unfamiliar invader (also known as an allergic response). The idea that hygiene can, at times be unhealthy is called a "hygiene hypothesis".

Not only this, but the weakened immune system may also risk attacking the owner's body, causing autoimmune diseases, such as MS, rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes.

The professor or genetic epidmiology at King's College, Tim Spector, chimes in, stating:

"The idea that children should wash their hand before eating... I don’t think we should be washing our hands before a meal now. If you think of the number of food poisoning incidents in the home, they’re incredibly rare.

"We're over-cleaning enough. The more microbial diversity you have, the better. I think we have to start striking a different balance because our sterility is causing problems."

He goes on to state that, actually, if you go for a pee in a public toilet, you're better off not washing your hands, and that, in the modern world, the things we feel are healthy are actually causing us problems.

That said, where there is too far, there is too little - don't neglect cleanliness completely!

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