Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 19th August 2018

Cleaning is often perceived as something that people don't enjoy; something that will have them groaning in despair as they inevitably have to pick up the broom once more for the week. However, in actuality, it might be the complete opposite!

Studies have found that cleaning can actually qualify as an exercise that boosts the general mood of people. While team sports are observed to have the greatest impact, it is noted that activities such as walking and cleaning can actually improve mental health.

Published in the Lancet Psychiatry, the report states that people have an average of 3.5 days of poor mental health in the average month - this data having been extrapolated from approximately 1.2 million people over the age of 18 in the US, between 2011 and 2015, based on self-reported mental health comparing those who exercised and those who didn't.

The study concluded that pretty much any exercise can help to reduce the 3.5 average days by an average of 1.5 days a month (almost half!) It was also noted that exercise is the most effective as a mood enhancer for people who already said that they suffered from depression.

However, as well as what exercise you want to do, you should also consider the frequency of the activity. According to the study, being active for 45 minutes 3-5 times/week has been found to lead to even better mental health.

Cleaning is an effective way of building up physical health too! Below is a neat list of calories burnt from certain cleaning activities courtesy of the Good Housekeeping Institute:

  • Dusting: 194 Calories/40 minutes (97 Calories/20 minutes)
  • Window cleaning: 115 Calories/20 minutes
  • Mopping: 107 Calories/20 minutes
  • Bathroom cleaning: 100 Calories/20 minutes
  • Vacuuming: 86 Calories/20 minutes

But what's the science behind it?

Essentially, when we begin exercise, our heart rate increases, we start to sweat and as a result our body enters "fight or flight" mode - our brain registers this as stress. To keep calm, we release endorphins (hormones that make us happy) to fight the discomforting emotions.

Not only this, but apparently, if you work out regularly, your body begins to permanently stay calm. Furthermore, a 2012 study also stipulated that "those who had exercised during the preceding month but not on the day of testing generally did better on the memory test than those who had been sedentary".

So next time, when you stare down the broom as you begin the dreaded cleaning session, just remember - it's trying to help you.

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