Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 26th August 2018

Support for our cleaners is one of our top priorities, and we do a lot of work in order to ensure that our workers are satisfied with their premiums, payment and the general treatment of our staff. However, we understand that cleaning is not always the most conspicuous job, and that the heroic nature of the endeavour sometimes will go unrecognised. So it pleases us greatly to see cleaners being pleasantly surprised, such as a recently in a Bristol University, wherein the students raised £1.500 to send one of their cleaners on holiday!

The money was raised on crowdfunder in order to give Herman Gordon and his wife the money to visit their family in Jamaica, with a video of Herman breaking down in tears after the money was the given to him.

"He is the epitome of happiness," the JustGiving page wherein almost 250 supporters donated money says. Along with the gift was a note addressed from "Bristol Students", which thanked him for his "positive energy" over the years; stating that "You have brightened many of our days and we want you to know that we love and appreciate you."

Herman has worked at the university as part of the cleaning staff for 12 years. He says that, as a response to the positivity that many students praise him for, that it's important to keep away "negative vibes".

"I know that these students are studying. You don't want any negative vibes around them. They speak good things to me, I speak good things to them, and I bless them all."

According to an admin on the Bristruths Facebook page (an anonymous "truth" page for Bristol University), the idea for Herman's trip came from a Facebook post - the admin said that "it all started with this post on the 19th May,"

The initial post called Herman "the jolliest man I have ever met", adding that "if you wanna reason to smile, go talk to him for a min or two".

The following day, a 20-year-old medicine student at Bristol name Hadi Al-Zubaidi anonymously posted that he starting a crowdfunding page for him. It only took 5 days for him to nearly reach his target.

"It just went crazy," Hadi said. "I myself was shocked that he was this famous!"

He had talked with Herman several times, but eventually decided that "he deserved more than just conversations".

"He spends the whole time being nice to everybody, it's about time we were nice to him."

Herman says that he was overcome with emotion when he received the money from the students - he'd never mentioned anything about wanting to go away, so receiving the money was "out of the blue".

We truly value our cleaners, and so when we see others valuing their cleaners too, it brings such a great and joyous feeling. If you too want to sponsor a charismatic cleaner, you can order one today!

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