Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 9th September 2018

While our ability to clean efficiently increases as time goes on, our actual will to clean seems to depreciate at an equal speed. It seems many clean up groups are starting to hit their breaking points, as they hit at "selfish" litterers, warning them that people need to start picking up their own rubbish because councils can't afford to.

The bank holiday around the 8th of May was incredibly hot, and many people went to parks and beaches to cool off, however they left a sea of litter in their wake.

Cleaning campaigners are urging people to stop being "irresponsible" and take their litter home, as councils are now struggling to foot the bill.

The founder of Clean Up Britain, said It’s time that we start to enforce the laws on those who repeatedly drop litter, the clean up cost is something that council’s cannot afford and people really need to start taking some responsibility for their actions. Some councils are on the brink of bankruptcy, it’s time people took their share of the blame for rubbish."

In 2016 going into 2017, it costed local authorities £682 million to keep the streets clean. In response to these staggering expenses, councils across England were given the power to raise fines for dropping litter from £80 to £150.

On Twitter, one user posted a picture of Shoreditch park covered in litter. Parish Stilton pleaded with the council to put more bins and stations in the park, who responded "We will tidy it up today of course and will look at the bins. The main photo shows that some selfish people didn't even bother attempting to tidy up after themselves, even though there's a bin in clear view". Other Twitter uses also voiced their anger of the messes left in their local parks.

Keep Britain Tidy estimate that the cost of cleaning up litter, which includes local authority street cleansing and fly-tipping removal is likely to cost councils £1 billion a year.

In April, the environmental Minister stated that "These new fines will tackle anti-social behaviour by hitting litter louts in the pocket, whether it's litter that is thrown from a vehicle or dropped in the street. Littering is a scourge on our environment and we waste taxpayers' money cleaning it up - funds which could be better spent in the community."

"We want to be the first generation to leave our environment in a better state than we found it, and I encourage everyone to take responsibility for their litter and recycle more."

If you're tired on a Sunday afternoon and need a little help though, don't hesitate to ring us for a quick hand. Looks like the councils could use Cleaning Circle too!

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