Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 23rd September 2018

We all know plastic waste being left in the sea is a significant issue - plastic pollution in oceans and on beaches is a threat to sea life. Furthermore, it tends to wash up on the beaches (when it does wash up) of difficult to reach shorelines. However, many people are struggling with solutions as one of the most practical methods to excavate this waste is to pick it up manually, which few really want to do. However, a man named Rob Thompson may have come one step closer to a solution that makes the removal of litter in the sea more engaging, while also making great use out of the waste found in the ocean.

He uses the plastic waste to create kayaks, so that his fellow (and aspiring) kayakers can pick up more litter to protect the sea-life.

The process that they use is called roto-moulding - a name to it based on the titular use of rotation and moulds in the technique.

The recycled plastic is first washed, shredded and reduced to a powder. Mr. Thompson explains the rest of the method method in detail: "So basically you have a mould which you fill with the powdered plastic, it's closed up, it looks like a sarcophagus. It then goes into an oven where it rotates and the plastic will gradually melt inside, coat the outside of the mould and then it's left to cool and like a sort of jelly mould it'll pop out your kayak at the end."

He also explains why he decided to make kayaks with the retrieved/recycled plastic: "I just thought I'd make something relevant to the sea, I wanted to make something which could be useful, and the perfect thing would be kayaks because then we can go out and we can use them for actually encouraging other people to pick up ocean plastics."

Their aim is to distribute the kayaks to communities nearby the sea in order to encourage clean up operations and the like.

It hasn't been too long since the start of this operation, so who knows how it's worked out? Perhaps in a few more month's time there'll be a nautical clean-up event sponsored by Rob Thompson's eco-friendly kayaks near you. Either way, an intelligent method to encourage cleaning up without actually contributing to the mess by using up resources. We wish he and his team the best of luck!

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