Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 2nd October 2018

Long-time readers may recall a time a while ago when we covered a pair of cleaners dressing up as superheroes while cleaning a hospital, among other cosplaying cleaning escapades. While not quite cosplaying, our super hero has recently been growing rapidly in popularity!

After moving south to Gloucestershire earlier in the year, he realised that he wasn't satisfied with his current job and decided to turn his attention to window cleaning. While looking around, he noticed a 'gap in the market' and decided to set himself apart from rival window cleaners by cleaning in his national dress.

He began the business from scratch - he said that he "initially put an ad out and from there the business is growing."

"I did my market research and put the kilt on and from there I named the business."

There have been mixed reactions from people in the posh spa town of Chelthenham and the surrounding area of Cotswold - some have praised him, while others have been finding it funny.

He chimes in, adding that "It is a laugh and the banter is great. Some have asked if I am a true Scotsman and then I reply that 'that would be giving away trade secrets'. It is a conversation s tarter. People often will talk about their connections to Scotland and their families and when they have visited."

He also adds that people in Cotswold seem to really love the kilt.

"I do get an occasional 'I hope it's not too windy today', but then I also get a 'I hope that it's windy' too."

What do you think of his personal Unique Selling Point? Would you like some of our cleaners to begin wearing their traditional dresses?

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