Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 18th October 2018

I hope I'm not beginning to seem like a bit of a broken record at this point, but it seems as though many areas are reaching their breaking points when it comes to cleaning. The street cleaning issues and 'overflowing bins' has now been discussed by the Manchester street council, and they seem to have come up with some kind of idea regarding what to do.

Officers said that a "lack of attention" to litter removal has resulted in a fall of standards, and that perceptions of bin collection services are low.

The company that the council has contracted for waste removal suggested that the city centre has grown busier since the introduction of the contract in 2015 - as a result, a new system to show when bins are full is set to be introduced by December.

A report presented to the 'Neighbourhoods and Environment Scrutiny Committee' of the council highlighted a "steady reduction" in the number of streets receiving high grades in the council's cleaning assessments. Within the report, it was stated that the contractor informed them that growth had a "significant impact" on street cleansing.

It was suggested that streets were "deteriorating much quicker" after cleaning "than they did at the start of the contract". Therefore, these "high footfall" areas should be cleaned more often.

It also reported a rise in street cleaning services related to rough sleepers and "poorly managed" commercial waste.

The executive member for neighbourhoods chimed in to add the following:

"The city's success has led to an increasing population and a thriving, expanding city centre, which inevitably increases pressures on our services"; he also added that the council was "continually working to improve the efficiency of our street cleansing and waste collection services".

The council has asked their contractor to implement a new system to improve litter collections, with their general manager saying that "In May 2018, the Keep Britain Tidy report highlighted 'hugely improved' standards of cleaning and showed Manchester to be above the national average. We will continue to work closely with the council to deliver improvements."

There was actually a trial of smart bin sensors installed in 2017 that was considered "successful" in terms of the technology, however the wide scale implementation was deemed not financially viable.

Another system, which involved QR codes on bins is being developed and is set to be introduced by the end of the year.

Have you come across any of these "smart bins"? What do you think of the QR-based system that is coming soon? I, for one, am excited to see how it goes!

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