Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 22nd October 2018

Lately, it seems as though issues related to cleaning are on the rise - many weeks have been dedicated to covering issues with the lack of cleanliness on the streets. However, many, if not more posts have been on cleaning heroes who have been setting an example for the rest of us to follow.

And now, we've got another one of those blogs to add to our collection; this time, an entire school has decided to purchase several (10) vacuum cleaners and have the kids assist with cleaning to cut costs!

The head teacher of the school says that the new measure cuts the caretaker's workload and teaches respect. She was put on the idea after watching a television programme on education in Japan.

"We thought it was a good way to make sure everyone and the children respect our school and respect our environment," she said.

Each of the school's 10 classrooms has a vacuum cleaner that pupils have to use on a rota. The only exception are one class, are said to be "just a bit (too) little".

(Perhaps) surprisingly, even the school children are quite on board with the concept. When asked whether or not he and his classmates should have to clean, Noah in year six answered "Yes, it's protecting our school".

As previously stated, it's also helping the school's budget; "We don't have to increase our caretaker's hours; in fact, he hasn't had to much hoovering in any of the classrooms since we started about three months ago."

The Japanese seem to have a tendency to impress other countries with their attitude towards cleanliness. It would be nice to see more and more schools implement this sort of feature; especially secondary schools, wherein children seem to become more lax when it comes to keeping places clean.

Not only does it keep cleaning costs low, it also encourages students to keep their workplaces clean and can even be used as a strong dissuading factor in a punishment; most people won't mind an after-school detention, but would recoil at the idea of cleaning the bathrooms of their school given the states of most of them!

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