Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 5th November 2018

A few of the posts from a while ago were covering (somewhat) widespread discontent regarding the quality of cleaning services around the streets in various areas. From there, we transitioned into a few slightly more positive subjects, such as various instances of people helping to clean, or cleaning in funny or interesting ways. We're going to be continuing that positive streak by looking into one of the new initiatives designed to clean up the air - the UK's first air-cleaning bus!

This bus, which is designed to be able to filter pollution from the air, has been released in Southampton. It was made by the company Bluestar.

This diesel-powered prototype will clean the air on its route 16 times each year, using a filter system on the roof of the vehicle that removes particulate air pollution while blowing pure air out behind it.

The trial is anticipated to run for at least three months, and the the success of the trial will be measured by weighing the filter of the bus before it begins and after the runtime in order to see how many of these particles have been captured by the filter.

Bluestar stated that if the idea works, it could be rolled out across the fleet of 4,600 Go Ahead (a large passenger provider company) buses.

Along with this, Southampton is one of five English cities that is currently preparing to implement clean air zones by 2020. Part of this concept is a pollution charge that is being proposed in the city, which will mean that older lorries, buses and coaches that do not meet the environmental standards may be charged £100 in order to enter the city after 2019, along with probable daily charges.

While this policy was originally created to include only commercial vehicles, legal challenges means that it may expand to also include private (or personal) motorists, such as you or me. This all ties into the reason why Southampton was chosen as the city to test the bus, as it was deemed by the World Health Organisation to have reached its limit of unsafe air pollution.

Many people have expressed their malcontent with these clauses, as the fine may be damaging to smaller businesses or just regular people who may not be able to afford updating their vehicles, and whose circumstances mean that they cannot take public transport. However, pollution is only going to get worse if nothing is done about it, especially with issues such as global warming causing irreparable damage to the environment. With such a sensitive issue, it's important to look at it from both perspectives.

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