Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 26th November 2018

It seems that recently there have been many different groups trying to clean up in various ways - examples that we covered recently include a school trying to cut costs by having their students help clean, a bus that is designed to filter polluted air as it drives along it's route, and an endeavour to excavate and recycle the plastic inside of discarded cigar butts. However, it's been a while since we last covered an individual cleaner and their story, and this week, that trend is being broken!

Mrs Hinch has been able to attract over 1.4 million followers (or member of the "Hinch Army", if you like) using her "quirky" cleaning stories.

She joined the site in March, and her popularity raised to the point that she had even been targeted by hackers at a point in her (relatively) early career. Thankfully, her loyal troops of the Hinch Army were able to get her account back online within hours. She has since upgraded her online security.

Even in a world where everyone can be instantly connected to whoever they wish, having fans who will assist you with such speed is still astounding.

She added that "I had so many shares and tweets about it - the Army just pulled together."

"I had messages saying that if I had to close my account, they would follow me wherever I went. It made my heart melt."

Perhaps part of what makes her so appealing is "Narnia", her cleaning cupboard, which she will make use of in her daily cleaning routines that last at least 30 minutes.

She also names her favourite cleaning products; such as "Dave the Duster" and "Minkey", a washing up pad. She also created a new term for cleaning, which should now be henceforth referred to as "Hiching".

"Mrs. Hinch" further elaborates on her Instagram fame:

"This all came out of me having fun with cleaning."

"It sounds cheesy but it's something everyone has to do so you might as well enjoy it."

"Cleaning helps me relax and I've had so many amazing messages from people saying I've changed their life or helped them with their mental health."

"It's physically impossible for me to reply to everyone but the messages means so much."

"Without the Hinch Army, I wouldn't be where I am. They're part of my journey."

However, her infamy spreads far beyond the limited reaches of Instagram. Since her debut, she has been covered by various other news outlets, youtubers and has even been on some TV programs, such as This Morning on ITV.

Many social media success stories tend to star more "dynamic" activities, such as gaming or art. Seeing someone cleaning getting so much attention is a reminder of how many people still hold this activity as dear to their heart as we do.

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