Domestic Cleaners Chiswick 7th April 2019

Some of you more astute readers may recall some time ago where we covered a man who drove around cleaning road signs and received copious amounts of praise; culminating in the desire of many for him to be knighted or otherwise formally recognised. While this woman seems to have fallen by the wayside in terms of visibility, her deeds are no less noble - as she travels around in her free time, taking nominations as to road signs that need cleaning.

"I track it down. I turn up with my trusty sponge and eco-friendly drop of soap and water and cloth to clean it off with at the end, and that's it."

Sarah has recently been cleaning up dirty road signs in Bromsgrove. Although we are only just covering her, her journey seems to have started a year ago:

"I just went out at lunchtime and spent 10 minutes cleaning the road sign on the road where I lived. I figured it was 10 minutes of my time and it looked so much better."

She describes her impact on the community as a "ripple effect".

"I have had people when they nominate they've then posted a picture of a sign that they've cleaned."

She adds that this is what she really wants; people "just kind of looking after their own bit".

It is surprising that something that so many people pass by every day has been left alone for so long. What do you think of Sarah's deeds? Would you consider doing the same? I'm sure every community could do with a paragon who encourages others to give back in the same way that they do. I know I sure wouldn't mind!

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