Domestic Cleaners Fulham 20th September 2013

I heard about the hand written note that the Queen of England out in the symbolic relay baton to mark the beginning of the 2014 commonwealth games. I am really excited for the common wealth games to start because I love running even though my work at the home cleaning service in Fulham prevents me from doing much of it these days, and right now the person holding the symbolic baton was none other than Allan Wells, one of my favourite athletes in the world. Even though he no longer runs, I still sometimes watch him at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow where he won the 100 Meter sprint.

Long before Usain Bolt came to be known for the great sportsman that he is today. Even though I'd probably be busy in the house cleaning service in Fulham during this time, I will find a way to watch some of the games at least.