Domestic Cleaners Kew 9th November 2012

I work in a bookshop in Kew. The owner of the bookshop left for a while and put me in charge of the bookshop. I was quite happy at the responsibility and wanted to prove myself. While they were gone everything went smoothly and I even sold more books than usual. When I heard that the boss was coming back soon I was quite excited for him to see the progress I made and in addition to everything I decided to clean the entire bookshop.... Not by myself though.

I called a domestic cleaning service company in Kew called cleaning circle that was recommended to me by a friend who used to work in their domestic cleaning service office. When the domestic cleaners came, it took a while because the bookshop had so many things that needed cleaning but they did a great job and my boss was pleased at how great the shop looked when he came back from his business trip.