Domestic Cleaners Kew 30th April 2018

Have you ever been to a landfill, or just a place so overrun with trash that you wonder how it all got there in the first place? Well, thanks to volunteers in Cardiff, you'll have one less place to look at!

Over 150 bags were filled with plastic after 50 volunteers went down to a river bank in Cardiff to help clean up. Everything from gass bottles, footballs, engine oil containers and even car wheels were recovered during the weekend. Even so, the group were able to collect everything in under two hours!

One of the founding members of the Cardiff Rivers Group named Louise Tambini, stated that it was the biggest haul since the group was founded in 2009; also saying that "it was quite a short stretch and the most we've gathered from one place,"

"it's been accumulating for a long time and it's out of the way, not somewhere you walk past. But because there were so many people, they just went at it."

From river bank to going inside the river to help clean, as the River Medway in Kent was cleaned up by a group of canoeists and kayakers entered the river in order to take trash from areas that other litter pickers would be unable to reach.

Andy Garlick of the Meridian Canoe Club said that underneath branches covering the sides of the river, "you will see little bits of polythene that have been left by people. Further up on the branch you might see the remains of sandwiches.

A lot of it is plastic, a lot of it is bottles, an awful lot of it is stuff that has been washed down from the fields during the winter."

Over 100 people participated in the 2 mile cleanup, and it is hoped that as much of the plastic as possible will be recycled.

Our cleaners aren't going to take a boat to your house, but we can guarantee they'll be there on time and ready to clean! You can find your own cleaner to help wash away the dirt at, the number 020 8144 7173, or the email