Domestic Cleaners Pimlico 7th October 2012

I travelled to Pimlico for a long holiday two weeks ago. My friend was renting me their house for a month so I would be living there while on my holiday. When I got to the house it was a complete and utter mess. I didn't want to clean it because I was to weary from travelling so I google searched a domestic cleaning services in Pimlico. The one that drew my attention was a company called cleaning circle because I remember that I used their domestic cleaning services quite a few times when I was in many situations. So I called them and booked an appointment for them to provide domestic cleaning services to my friend's messy house the next day.

When the cleaning service team did their job, I was really happy with the domestic cleaning services provided that I made personal note to recommend them to some people back at home.

At least now I know why the rent was so cheap.