Domestic Cleaners Pimlico 14th January 2013

My brother is coming to visit me in Pimlico. He travels with a carnival that goes all over the UK. This year they're coming to Pimlico and performing for about three days. During that time, I decided to use one of my holiday days from work and visit my brother, for the whole day. That day a domestic cleaning service is coming to my house to provide its regular cleaning service every two months and after that I would go to the carnival and then meet him afterwards for some lunch and we'll just catch up on old times. So right now I am just booking the cleaning service for that day.

My brother is a strange fellow. After he finished college, where he studied veterinary medicine, he decided to work with the circus and so because he graduated with honours it was easy for him to get a good job, but he chose to work with the carnival instead, while I moved to Pimlico and took a job as a surgeon.