Domestic Cleaners Pimlico 11th June 2013

I had a really serious accident at work not so long ago. The accident happened while I was working in my domestic cleaning service job. I was mopping the floor and I'd already put up the 'wet floor' sign for people to be careful so they wouldn't slip and fall. Unfortunately, I forgot about it a while later and while I was rushing to get something done because my domestic cleaning team and me were almost done; I slipped and fell really hard. The accident wasn't as bad as it looked but it made everyone panic a little. I'm just glad that I didn't get a concussion from the fall.

I had to go to the hospital after the accident. My colleagues in my domestic cleaning team were quick thinking, and they called the ambulance for me. I got to the hospital and saw the doctor. At first I thought that the fall didn't cause anything but when I tried to move my arm it hurt so much, and the pain was unbearable. My friend that worked with me on the domestic cleaning team helped me use my phone to call my people at home to tell them that I might be home late. Fortunately my friend who works with me at the domestic cleaning service said that they'd help watch the kids at home.

Thankfully, the injury that I had at work in the domestic cleaning service didn't do any permanent damage but the doctor said that I dislocated my shoulder and they had to set it back. It was really painful. Luckily for me, my colleagues at the domestic cleaning service in Pimlico were really supporting, some even came to visit me there. I missed some days off work at the domestic cleaning service in Pimlico but when I came back everything went back to normal. For the first week my shoulder still kind of hurt but working in the domestic cleaning service became easier after that.