Domestic Cleaners Richmond 2nd January 2013

I got a bad haircut from my hair barber's assistant last week. His hand was shaking and because of it the clippers slipped and made a bald patch in my hair I'd been growing for months! I have a friend that works at some domestic cleaning service in Richmond. He's quite good with the clippers, but the problem is that he's never available to cut my hair because of the work he does at the domestic cleaning service.

When I told him about what happened to me at my hair barber he came to my office during him lunch break at the domestic cleaning service to come and see, if he could "fix it." Luckily he was able to and I paid him a good sum of money since he'd done such a good job of it. I'm lucky because I also got at next six cuts free at my hair dressers, which really helped in my monthly budget.