Domestic Cleaners Richmond 12th January 2013

When I was at work in the domestic cleaning service, my colleague that works with me in the domestic cleaning office showed me a video about Amanda Todd, a Canadian 15 year old teenager that committed suicide because of cyber bullying. Before she died she uploaded a video on YouTube, explaining her situation.

I personally think it was a cry for help, which it actually was, but no one really heard her. Eventually she was bullied so much that she committed suicide.

The worst part of it was that after she died, the people that pushed her to that rash decision in the first place showed no remorse whatsoever. They still posted hate comments on her video and many more things that I really do find terrible. People were particularly disturbed by that fact that none of them would have any repercussions since there really aren't any laws against cyber bullying.

I just hope that they do something about it very soon because it's been happening a lot amongst teenagers across the world.