Domestic Cleaners Richmond 13th January 2013

There was talk last year about the world going to end on the 21st of December 2012, I personally found it very ridiculous but some of the people I worked with in the domestic cleaning service actually believed that it would happen. I have a friend, she works with me in the cleaning service, and she's a doomsday preparer. In her house she has the oddest things like gas masks and hunting knives and such. It turns out that many people who believe that the world will end while they are still alive try and get ready for that day, they don't keep their money in banks, build underground bunkers and crazy gadgets so that they can still survive the apocalypse.

During the buzz of the Mayan calendar end of the world, there was a lot of news coverage about the world ending, was it going to end, wasn't it going to end? Whichever one, and the subject of doomsday preparers came up which made me think of people who'd given away all their life savings away and quit their jobs just because they thought the world would be ending. I really feel sorry for many of them.