Domestic Cleaners Richmond 3rd June 2013

A local theatre in Richmond had been unused for many years and so a company came up with the great idea to buy and restore it in time for a community event. First they hired a domestic cleaning service to clean the theatre before the renovations could start. The domestic cleaners in Richmond that was first called to restore the theatre turned out to be quite expensive and well over the budget considering the amount of hours that the company was planning on using them for. Luckily one of the staff that was used on renovation team told them about another domestic cleaning service that could help out and were very affordable.

I was part of the cleaning service in Richmond that aided in the restoration of the theatre. There was a construction company that did most of the renovations and we did all the domestic cleaning. On a more personal level it was good to see the theatre up and running again. We were called after the plans with the domestic cleaning service that was supposed to restore the theatre fell through. The renovation company that was working with the restoration of the theatre called us and helped us get the job through a referral. That was good for us because it was quite a big contract for our medium sized company and it gave us a lot of exposure.