Domestic Cleaners Richmond 28th June 2013

Our company people recently had been looking for a new office cleaning service in Richmond after we decided that things didn't work out well with our old office cleaning service in Richmond. I decided to call the house cleaning in Richmond that I use at home to ask if maybe they did office cleaning in Richmond. Luckily it turned out that the domestic cleaning service that I used at home did do office cleaning in Richmond as well. I put the idea forward to my company and they liked it so I called in the office cleaning service for a test run.

The office cleaning service that I called for a test run was really good. All the staff was really impressed especially for the people that took accounts of last years domestic cleaning service prices and compared them with this new one. The last office cleaning service that we'd used was almost double the price of the new office cleaners in Richmond, but they weren't even as efficient as the new office cleaning service that we now have.

I'm glad that I decided to call the homes cleaning service in Richmond even though I didn't really think that they'd do such a good job on the office cleaning service as they did in my house.