Domestic Cleaners Richmond 11th November 2013

I and a friend who works with me in the home cleaning service have a mutual interest. A certain artist named Ai Weiwei, from China. I heard that he was going to be part of the jury members in the Stockholm film festival this year but unfortunately he wasn't allowed to attend.

Instead he sent a chair, hand crafted by himself and a pre-recorded message:

"I feel sorry I can't come. That's why I have designed and sent something symbolic. "I hope it can give some kind of statement on the way authorities can limit freedom of speech, can limit basic human rights for artists to travel or participate in cultural activities - very ruthlessly and with no explanation."

"I'm still living under a kind of soft detention. My passport is still in the authorities' hands While we were on our way home from work in the home cleaning service we discussed whether he'd even be able to see the films that he sent, but honestly doubted it.