Domestic Cleaners Richmond 21st July 2018

Many people are aware of how much of a problem littering is. In most streets, little lines the pavements, can be seen on the road, and often times you'll see people throw things carelessly on the floor as you walk by in public.

This is of course a big problem, and it is thankfully mitigated by the large amount of cleaners and volunteers that help to keep the streets serviceable. Unfortunately, little attention is paid to nautical cleaning endeavours; wherein trash can be blown in, or dropped into the sea, unable to be recovered by the average person.

That may be about to change, however, and it all starts with a group of North East divers in Northumberland who are determined to clean up underwater!

One of the divers, a diving centre instructor at the Fifth Point diving centre (started diving at 21!) said that she was inspired by her time doing diving instructing in Malasyia by the copious amounts of damage endured by the coral reefs there. When she returned to the UK, this newfound passion stayed with her.

She states that contrary to the belief about many reefs that they are cold and therefore devoid of life, there are often actually teeming with creatures whose lifestyles are both beautiful and fragile.

Often, they expect to find fishing nets, fishing hooks, fishing weights, plastic bags and drink cans. They are careful to note, however, that you "never know what you'll find". They report their findings to a conservation group named Project Aware.

The group expresses that they understand that littering in the sea is not often intentional. Things get blown away from houses, gardens and the general area, and it's incredibly difficult to recover things once they enter the sea. They feel (rightfully, I might add) that they are protecting the environment by picking up the litter they find.

What about you? Would you consider diving in an endeavour to pick up litter? Who knows, perhaps in the future we'll have the world's very first underwater litter-picking squad!

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