Domestic Cleaners Sheen 1st August 2013

I heard about two horses that were killed by a swarm of bees and a couple that was exercising with the horses were also stung badly. The lady said that when she and her boyfriend were exercising the horses Trump and Chip, when on of the horses started kicking, and then afterwards she saw the swarm of what was over thirty thousand bees. She jumped into the pool to escape but the bees kept stinging her every time she came up for air. Eventually her boyfriend called 911 and the fire service got rid of the bees by spraying a foam substance to clear the bees.

My friend at work in the domestic cleaning service told me that maybe they were Africanised or killer bees. She also told me that her little cousin was in a school that had to close for the holidays because of a swarm of bees and she got a call when she was at work in the house cleaning service.