Domestic Cleaners Twickenham 8th October 2012

I just opened a new office in Twickenham recently. My company is new but we have a few offices in the U.K and now we just expanded to Twickenham. I went to inspect the office location and although it was big and spacious it was also very dusty and untidy.

I decided to call a domestic cleaning service immediately to clean the place but I had a hard time deciding. Then I remembered that Cleaning circle, the domestic cleaning service that we use for our office in Chiswick also has a branch in Twickenham, so I called the domestic cleaning service and asked them how quickly they could come and clean the office space and they did come quite fast. As usual I was happy with the domestic cleaning services that they provided for me, they never slack off and that's why I'll keep using their domestic cleaning services and office cleaning services whenever I can.