Domestic Cleaners Twickenham 5th June 2013

I started doing a show with my friends. It was not really an official thing because it was just in our house for the kids in the small neighbourhood in Twickenham. Eventually the small show got quite popular in our neighbourhood and many kids started attending till we got up to 65 children so this time when we did the show, we had to make it a little more large scale than we were used to. After searching on the Internet for home cleaning companies in Twickenham we finally cleaned the house professionally with a domestic home cleaning service in Twickenham called cleaning circle.

The show with the kids was quite successful. We eventually had more than 65 this time cause more of the parents attended the show and some kids brought friends. The house cleaning company did a god job of cleaning the house before the show but we also had to call the home cleaning service again when the show was done because there was such a mess that we couldn't believe. Luckily some nice people stayed and helped a little but it was no match for the tens of kid's that made the enormous mess in our house. The domestic cleaners took hours before everything was done. That's how bad it was.