Domestic Cleaners Twickenham 17th June 2013

I started a small blog in Twickenham taking pictures of random things that somehow looked interesting. A magazine saw some of my pictures and wanted to hire me as a freelance photographer for some of their issues. That month they were doing a theme of "empty spaces and new beginnings" so I had to take some pictures some abandoned buildings. What I did, I went to a domestic cleaning service in Twickenham and asked them if they were doing any projects with unfurnished buildings. Luckily the domestic cleaners in Twickenham were actually doing a few buildings for a renovation company so they gave me the locations of the buildings and the contacts for the owners.

The owners of the buildings that I contacted liked the idea of me taking photos of their spaces for a magazine because it turns out that two of them wanted to sell the property so they appreciated having it in a magazine. The magazine also liked the idea I had for their issue of "empty spaces and new beginnings". I had to take the picture before the domestic cleaning service came and then take some after pictures as well when the domestic cleaners in Twickenham were done. It was quite an interesting project and one of the houses' owners even got some calls asking about the property and the domestic cleaning service that we'd used.