Domestic Cleaners Twickenham 28th August 2013

While I was at work in the office cleaning service in Twickenham I was reading about the famous pilot commander Ken Wallis, who died at the ripe old age of 97.

The only reason I knew about him in the first place was because I love watching James Bond movies especially the old ones. He was a stunt double for Sean Connery in the 1967 James Bond movie; 'You Only Live Twice' and he flew the plane, 'Little Nellie', an autogyro in the movie.

I remember the scene because it was one of my favourites; he flew the plane above a volcano as a helicopter attacks him. I think that he lived a good life, he left a good clean legacy behind and even though he wasn't world famous, he still contributed a lot to the world with his service in the world war, and his discovery which made the small aircraft work better.