Domestic Cleaners Wandsworth 16th August 2012

I was renovating my house a few weeks ago. I'd gotten an interior designer to come and take over, all together it took about a month. When we were half way through, because we were working on a budget I told him that the clean-up crew had to be inexpensive. I was paying a lot already.

The week we'd finished up the house, it was clear that although it looked nice, it still needed a final clean up. Luckily the interior designer said he knew of a domestic cleaning service in wandsworth that he could call. He said that the name of the cleaning service was called 'Cleaning circle'. We called the domestic cleaning service, which was great.

I personally thought that they had provided the best cleaning services I'd seen in Wandsworth. he cleaning service crew took about seven hours, because there was so much to clean up and move due to the renovation but it was done by the end of the day... and I still had a little money left from the budget I'd planned for the renovation of my house. I'd recommend cleaning circle to anyone that requires domestic cleaning services in Wandsworth, they were great and reliable.