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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners Kew blog 13th Dec 2011

Domestic Cleaners Kew

Prevent infections in a hospital is one of the most important priorities

This morning, before going to Cleaning Circle Offices, a client who has domestic cleaning services in Kew told me that a hospital in the area has appealed for second-hand clothes to help patients who arrive without a spare set.

It is a great idea because people who are rushed into the emergency room following an accident often need new clothes to go home...

One of the most important objectives for any hospital is promoting an excellent system of hygiene to prevent infections, because germs cannot be seen, but are very easily passed between people or objects, for this reason, an expertly trained team of professional cleaners in Kew will be required.

To keep a hospital perfectly clean is very important for the safety of patients, visitors and staff; and it could be possible with Cleaning Circle, which is supplying domestic cleaning services in Kew with the best experience in cleaning safety standards.

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