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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners blog 02th August 2012

Domestic Cleaners Pimlico

I recently graduated from college when I decided to start my own business. At first when you start, naturally money is a very important factor.

I rented some office space in a building complex in Pimlico, but I could only afford the one without a regular office cleaning service.

It was by accident that I found out about Cleaning Circle's office cleaning service from my friend. He told me that I should just hire a regular office cleaning service, and that he knew a cleaning service in Pimlico. Immediately, I was interested... anything to save money. He called them up for me, and got them to clean my office in Pimlico.

The next day I was shocked, because my friend had told me the price and I thought it would be just a little good, but it was excellent! My office looked so professional, like I'd hired three hundred men to clean every corner. Now whenever someone asks me, I recommend cleaning circle, because their office cleaning service is still the best I've ever had.

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