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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners blog 30th July 2012

Domestic Cleaners Sheen

A very important business meeting was taking place sometime ago at our office in sheen. The whole staff and I had been in a sort of panic because this was one of the largest accounts that our company would get... if we got it.

The meeting was in just two days, so we spent the entire week getting ready, making our presentation look spectacular, even all the way to dry cleaning or finding ironing services for our clothes!

Just recently one of our assistants brought to our attention that the conference room, where we were going to have the meeting had a fine layer of dust coating everything, and the floor wasn't vacuumed neither was the wood polished.

Naturally, as expected, this sent us into a panicking frenzy. We all had too much to do; we couldn't start worrying about who was going to clean the boardroom!

The same assistant told us to calm down that she had it sorted. She asked for some money, which I gladly gave. Anything to sort out this problem! She called a domestic and office cleaning company, in sheen, 'Cleaning Circle'.

When we got to work the next day, which was the day before the meeting, I inspected the boardroom. Immediately I saw a stark difference from yesterday. The wood which looked dead and lifeless now gleamed, and the leather chairs all looked so inviting it made you just want to sit on them forever.

Immediately I called Cleaning Circle's office cleaning services in sheen so that they could come and clean our entire office before tomorrow. They came quickly and cleaned efficiently, not to mention that the price was an absolute bargain! Our meeting went well, I saw the way our potential clients admired our office and how clean and professional we looked. When the meeting was over, as we shook hands, I heard one of them say to their boss 'This is quite a dashing office' for a small company. We got the account.

I personally would now recommend Cleaning Circle's office and Domestic cleaning services to anyone who wants to get anything cleaned in sheen. Our small company now uses cleaning circle on a regular basis for office cleaning which has helped a lot with our budget and given the office a more professional vibe. Aside from cleaning my office sometimes I call them to clean my house too.

I think Cleaning Circle's domestic and office cleaning services are the best I've seen in sheen.

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