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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners blog 17th Jan 2012

Domestic Cleaners Twickenham

No time for cleaning

Yesterday on my way to a meeting with a client who has domestic cleaning in Twickenham, I had problems with my train.

South West Trains apologised to commuters after trains stopped running because of an over-run of engineering works.

Because of traffic queues, accidents and problems with trains, commuters in the area have to leave their houses very early in the morning if they want to arrive at work on time. In addition, when they arrive at home after their long travelling, the last thing they want to do is to clean their house.

It would be great if a cleaning agency would be able to offer the best quality of cleaning services in Twickenham for people who do not have time for cleaning or want to spend their time in themselves.

Cleaning Circle is managing a flexible team of professional cleaners in Twickenham and providing to their clients with the most competitive rates.

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