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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners Wandsworth blog 14th Dec 2011

Domestic Cleaners Wandsworth

A High level of cleaning is essential to improve the environment of schools and nurseries affected by pollution

One of my colleagues who is managing domestic cleaning in Wandsworth brought a local newspaper to Cleaning Circle's office and I read that around half of all schools and nurseries in Wandsworth have been found to be in close proximity to London's busiest and most polluted roads.

Pollution is making us sick. Studies show that diesel pollution contains more than 40 air toxics including carcinogens and fine particulate matter causing cancer and respiratory diseases when we inhale them.

It would definitely require pollution control to improve the area.Also, a large team of professional cleaners in Wandsworth to improve the environment in schools and nurseries will be necessary.

It is essential that a high level of professional cleaning services and good ventilation exist in every room preventing contamination in the buildings.

Of course, I would recommend a leading cleaning agency for these tasks such as Cleaning Circle, which is providing a consistently high quality of cleaning in Wandsworth.

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