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You are in: Cleaning Circle > domestic cleaners blog 17th Feb 2012

Domestic Cleaners Wandsworth

A surprise appearance into Vue Cinema

One of my colleagues who is managing domestic cleaning services in Wandsworth told me an interesting happen, CINEMA-GOERS were left stunned when actor Daniel Radcliffe made a surprise appearance at the screening of his new film.

Harry Potter star popped into Vue Cinema at Westfield Shopping Centre last Saturday as fans prepared to watch his new horror film Woman In Black.

I can imagine the impressive faces of the people, who were attending the movie. I would be shock if I would be there.

Whether a business is open to the public for customers or for the business that has employees working within, a high cleaning service and sanitary workplace is a necessity. A clean environment has been shown to help with employees overall health as well as to boost productivity; also showing a positive image to the clients.

This cinema, would be need a cleaning agency, which would be able to provide a careful cleaning service in Wandsworth, maintaining a perfect environment.

Cleaning Circle is managing a highly team of professional office cleaners in Wandsworth, which is able to perform all necessary daily, weekly or even monthly cleaning tasks. Their friendly office staffs are happy to respond quickly any enquiry from anyone who would need cleaning services in Wandsworth.

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